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Where & What You Need To Know About CHICHA San Chen

Tucked away on the 6th floor of Pavilion, KL, CHICHA San Chen has finally opened its second branch in Malaysia’s bustling city.

While other bubble tea brands have a more insular view on the bubble tea culture, this native Taiwanese brand is all about bringing new meaning to bubble tea and tea-drinking.

Instead of just a regular cup of bubble tea packed with a variety of flavours, CHICHA San Chen offers discerning tea lovers a fresh brew of authentic tea flavours that is tailored specifically to tantalize the taste buds while providing a selection of delicious toppings.

Grown on tea mountains situated at 2000 - 2200 above sea level, each of its tea leaves is naturally homegrown in Taiwan and harvested with meticulous attention-to-detail so that each cup is able to deliver traditional tastes with a modern flair.

But what makes this place truly stand out?

For one, each tearista is trained to use professional techniques of traditional tea making to preserve the delicate tastes and fragrance of the tea which includes, controlling the water temperature, water ratio and waiting time.

But the most important point of all, CHICHA San Chen is the only bubble tea brand that has been awarded an equivalent of 2 and 3 Michelin stars by the iTQi Star certification.

Each cup of bubble tea is also freshly brewed-to-order from their patented AI Teapresso machine, specifically crafted with high-quality ingredients to ensure flavour and quality consistency in each sip.

Amongst their many variations of milk teas and fruit teas, there were two notable selections that are a must-try on my list, especially for first-time patrons.

Bubble Milk Tea

This popular pick is a fusion of black tea, cream and bubble pearls that are blended together for a rich earthy, malty flavour with a sweet finish.

Cassia Black Tea with Mousse

Don’t be fooled by the word “tea” in this drink. This chocolaty cuppa highlights the unique Cassia Black Tea taste, which not only smells like chocolate but also tastes like chocolate, especially with the added mousse.

For those that would much rather enjoy a customised cup instead, fear not as they have a wide selection of ingredients to pick and choose from to create your ideal thirst quencher.

TIP: If you’re in the mood to try something special, try ordering the Osmanthus Oolong Tea with honey flavouring topped with some Konjac Jelly.

This combination is coined as their “Secret Menu” at CHICHA San Chen, which I accidentally discovered while randomly selecting ingredients. The combination brews golden yellow with a hint of sweetness from the osmanthus and honey, but also slightly toasty thanks to the Oolong tea. The Konjac Jelly also paired wonderfully to round-off the flavour to this already very pleasing aroma.

Take in ‘tea’ experience of ChiCha San Chen by stopping by Level 6, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (opposite of Starbucks) to have a drink you will never forget.

PROMO | In celebration of their grand opening, from now until 9 September, enjoy a second drink at half price when you purchase one milk tea and one fruit tea.